We are collecting donations in our effort to provide relief for Puerto Rico.  Here are a few items we intend to send them:

  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Case of Bottled Water
  • Case of Beans
  • Case of Rice
  • Case of Powdered Milk
  • Case of Baby Formula
  • Case of Aspirins
  • Case of Toilet Paper
  • Diapers
  • Lanterns - promoting health, childcare and safety for women.

Both the above and following list are included to address the variety of needs the people may have now. Both lists will be updated as we become better informed and learn more.

Snake bite kits: We have found two brands designed for emergency use.

  • Sawyer Extractor Pump Kit - A more complete snake kit for emergency situations.
  • Coghlans Snake Bite Kit

Other items we'd like to send to Puerto Rico include:

  • Anker 15W Dual USB Solar Charger, and Power Port
  • Eton ARCFRX3+WXR All Hazard Radio
  • DLAND Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight, Hand Cranking Emergency LED Flashlights

We are including estimations for shipping expenses as we can percieve them. Keep in mind that Puerto Rico bears the shipping costs imposed via the Jones Act. This means that we who ship anything intended for Puerto Rico must bear the cost of additional shipping because the Jones Act requires the use of American ships.  As our information becomes more precise we will adjust our posted estimated costs accordingly.  Also each donation includes a transaction fee The Chapter is charged, allowing us to offer you the convenience of making donations online.

Checks mailed to us are free of the Paypal transaction processing fee. Here is our mailing address:

National Conference of Puerto Rican Women 

New York Chapter

P.O. Box 469

Lenox Hill Station

New York, NY 10021

Should making an online donation be more convenient we hope this guide is helpful.

Remember to select your preference, then click "Add to Cart". If you are not going to add to the cart, then select the cart directly. The option to pay via various cards will appear within the cart after you have finished choosing your selections. On the same page where you completed your donation, you will notice a link located on the upper right-hand corner of that page allowing you "...to be returned to NACOPRW NY website". Select it. and you'll be brought back to our Chapter's website.

For your convenience, the IRS Reference regarding Charitable Contributions is located here.

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