Welcome to our Chapter's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! 

This page is dedicated to addressing essential questions of registered members and new visitors.  Click upon the questions listed under Members Queries and you'll be brought to the associated answers on this page.

If there are other questions you'd like to see clarified, please contact me with your recommendations. 

Remember visitors may view our Forum and other pages.  Only Members may participate by either commenting upon announced events or posted discussions.

Derick Centeno, Webmaster

Members Queries

  1. How do I become a Member of this Chapter and website?

    You can access both our online membership application and paper application which you can download and printout at your home by clicking here

    Website membership, that is, becoming a full participant of this website, meansfirst enrolling as a Chapter member.  After the Webmaster has received confirmation of your acceptance from our Treasurer or President, then you will receive a notice to join our website sent to you as follows:

    From: [email protected]

    Please note that this invitation is generated by the website and sent to your email application's "Inbox".  Please make sure that it is not sent to Junk or Spam.

    The invitation will ask you to complete your membership profile where you will be free to share what you wish regarding yourself on the website.  Only after you receive the website generated invitation will you be allowed to:

    • Participate fully on the website.

    • Submit questions and comments addressing posted topics.

    • Submit comments to scheduled events and submit your comments regarding events you or others attended/missed which have been posted on the Calendar.

    • Submit technical questions regarding computers, the internet and related topics which will be addressed in the section of the Forum known as Technical Haven.

    Another benefit of joining is that members of NACOPRW NY who also have chosen to join as members of the Chapter website, may post questions in responses to established topics but may not create topics themselves. You can discover other website Members by visiting here.

    If Members would like to have a unique topic of their interest please contact a Board Member running the particular Committee which has your interest.  Members are free to comment upon any of the events we post and describe their experience in attending their event.  You can easily discover who is a Board Member who is also enabled to establish new topics within our website by clicking here.

    I am exploring how to incorporate other features of expanded communications via our website for use by Members but that is still under development.

  2. I forgot or lost my password! What do I do?

    Please execute the following steps:

    Click Here, this will bring you to a Webs.com page which asks for your email address.

    Enter exactly the same email address you registered on our Chapter's website.

    Please ignore the misleading statement "...username that you used when you created your website". A link will be sent to you from webs.com which will allow you to reset your password on our website. Also make sure that you store that new password in a safe place, not a post-it note or other written form.

  3. How do I know which pages I can comment upon?

    A Member can leave comments, after she or he logs in, by noticing the following symbols, or phrase, which will appear on different pages either near the upper right of an article, or announcement, or just after it:

  4. Do you have external links which the Chapter recommends?

    Our Links page is arranged into distinct Categories or Topics for your convenience.  Our listing include:

    • Information regarding organizations we work with,

    • Educational resources including external scholarships,

    • Online English and Spanish gramatical references. 

    • Food and Health Links.

    • Free Software tools many you may download for your use.  Others which are exclusively accessible through a browser.

    • Our sponsors

    • Legal assistance and other Community Services,

    • Computer and network references.

    • Art and Music.

  5. What happened to your Donations/Webstore Page?

    We reorganized it into one Webstore further divided into three categories:

  6. I have more questions, whom do I contact?

    Please contact us at our Chapter email address. We will get back to you! Also should you join us you will then be able to post queries directly on our website and join in conversations.


  7. How do I partner with NACOPRW New York Chapter to Host an Event?

    Thanks for your offer!  Please contact us at our Chapter email address. We will get back to you!

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Board Members

  1. What special options are available to Board Members?

    Board members have special access to a section of our Chapter's Forum page called Board Business.  This is a special reserved area which the Board may use for Board Level Discussions, Topics, Issues and more.  Board Members can start topics for discussion within the Board Business area and anywhere in any other section of the Forum.

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