Supporting Puerto Rico: News & Information

This page is dedicated to providing information on assisting Puerto Rico.

Relief Assistance information from Melissa del Valle Ortiz, Community and Housing Coordinator for Congresswoman Velazquez.

FEMA Hurricane Workforce - Serve in locations of hurricane damage.

ConPRmetidos - JetBlue's program for charitable luggage.

Metro - Facebook sites which can be used to acquire information of your hometowns in PR.

News regarding the Dam.

Urban Health Plan - Their homepage provides a direct means to donate to provide disaster relief to support Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Jezebel - Detailed reporting on the crisis in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Family Institute - collects supplies to help those affected by Hurricane Maria in PR.

Location and days: 

145 West 15th Street, New York, NY

Monday - Thursday, 7am - 8pm; Friday & Saturday, 9am - 5pm.

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